The majority of our colleagues:inside are currently still in the home office - and good sound accompanies us :). To match this, Piano Grandmaster Ludovico Einaudi has released a wonderful new album - with the fitting title: "12 Songs From Home". Because we think it's so wonderful, here's the link (you can listen to ...

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Mobile UV disinfection for radios

Gepostet am 22.05.2020

We are very pleased to present today our Proof of Concept (a kind of pre-prototype) of our mobile UV disinfection chamber for radios. Based on the idea that it is difficult to collect and disinfect all radios on site (e.g. at festivals or in large halls), we have designed a mobile disinfection station. This station ...

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As Hytera informed us today, there are still remaining stocks of the popular DMR repeaters type RD625 and RD965. The same applies to the DMR radio MD655. These products have already been discontinued by Hytera in 2019 - but not yet sold out completely. If there is a demand for these products, our sales team ...

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