Automotive Industry Radio technology

Since we were allowed to build our first radio cells for AUDI and Volkswagen many years ago, the automotive industry has become one of our most important business partners. In addition to radios and radio cells, we also supply barcode scanners and develop software for connecting communication networks to existing machine control software and ticket systems.


The latter is of great advantage especially in large and largest factory sites and industrial complexes. For example, in the case of maintenance orders, the maintenance engineer closest to the machine to be maintained can be informed directly. Maintenance orders can also be accepted and acknowledged via radio. Our Fleet Management as well as our Heatmap solution are effective tools to administrate large fleets of radios (Motorola, Hytera) and to integrate them into existing infrastructure.


  • Planning and implementation of radio cells

Autonomous and instant communication for automotive plants - independent of third party providers such as mobile phone operators - is one of our core services. Redundant design and deep integration into existing communication systems, IT-supported planning (simulation) and experience since 1999 and service oriented to IT standards recommend us as a radio technology partner for your project.


  • Motorola Application Provicer - Connection of the radio devices to your machine control

As a licensed Motorola Application Provider, we develop solutions individually for the respective requirements. Since we have integrated Design Thinking as a creative approach in our company, we are 100% customer-oriented and therefore work closely together on site.


  • Uninterrupted roaming of radios in your factory

Also our deep knowledge of roaming between different radio cells and our large stock with which we can also cover large projects at short notice makes us an excellent partner when it comes to radio coverage of large areas.


  • Radio technical integration of your supply chain

Last but not least, we know how important the supply chain is, especially for the automotive industry, and of course we always involve the most important trades on site.


  • Intrinsically safe (explosion-proof) ATEX radios for the paint

In addition to the desired radio coverage, we also supply the paint with explosion-proof radio equipment (ATEX) in dust-free rooms and silicone-free installation in the paint area is a matter of course for us.


  • Worldwide delivery - international according to local standards.

We deliver and perform worldwide and have a very tight network of international cooperation which enables us to service an automotive plant in Mexico as quickly and professionally as one in Germany. We are there for the place and for our business partners.


  • Evaluation and maintenance of existing radio cells (DMR & TETRA)

Of course, this also applies to the maintenance and evaluation of existing radio cells as well as to the repair of radio equipment. As a Motorola & Hytera partner we can cover the complete range including DMR and TETRA.


We are also happy to provide meaningful and anonymous references on request at any time. 

Automotive Industry Radio technology

We have set up a specialized team for our automotive customers - and will be happy to advise you on the use of radio technology (radios, radio cells, barcode scanners) in your plant. On request, we can also evaluate existing radio systems on site. Our site inspection is always free of charge for you.


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