Programming of Radios & Radio cells (repeaters)

We are happy to program your Hytera and Motorola radios. To the latter we also count MotoTRBO radios and repeaters like the SL5000. 


Our offer includes DMR technology as well as TETRA radios and TETRA radio cells. The optimization of existing code plugs, implementation of effective encryption of your radio transmission (data and voice) are an integral part of our offer.


In our radio engineering workshop, we check the technically perfect adoption of the programming and determine the transmission power as well as any existing deviations, which we also correct in this context.

We will be pleased to train your employees in the programming of your radio equipment. We offer comprehensive tutorials, webinars and on-site training.


Our free newsletter keeps you up to date and informs you about software and firmware updates of your radios.


Especially for the MotoTRBO CPS (the software that is used to program Motorola radios natively) it is important to know that it is compatible downwards but not upwards. If you buy more Motorola radios and these radios are equipped with newer hardware, you must also use the current Motorola CPS to program and install Codeplus.


For this and to many other topics of radio communication we inform you free of charge and up-to-date with our newsletter.

Radio programming by Spreenauten GmbH


  • Programming within the scope of a maintenance from site

The maintenance of radio technology (radio cells and radio equipment) is another offer. Of course we are also happy to program your radio equipment in this context. Of course also if they were not purchased from us.


  • Remote programming (support)

If you already have the appropriate software (e.g. Motorola CPS or our Fleet Management for Motorola radios) we can also program your radios remotely. All you need is Internet access to the programming PC and one of your employees* on site.


  • OTAP (Over The Air Programming)

Motorola offers Over The Air programming for radios that are located within a radio cell. This has advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage is clearly that not every radio has to be "touched" individually and fleets can be programmed quickly. If the connection is interrupted, this can lead to the failure of the radio concerned. In any case Over The Air Programming should be set up correctly from the beginning. Then it is a very useful and powerful tool.


  • Radio programming in our workshop

We are happy to provide you with free rental radios for the time of programming. If you have a bigger temporary need you can also rent Hytera and Motorola radios from us. We pick up the radios to be programmed from you free of charge and send them back to you free of charge. Normally the overnight is possible.

MotoTRBO CPS2 - Programming Motorola radios

If you have further questions about programming of radios in general or beyond Hytera and Motorola (yes, we also like to program exotics) our technical department is looking forward to your e-mail ( or your call +49.(0)

Workshops for radio equipment and radio cell programming can either be held at our premises: Spreenauten GmbH, Meeraner Str. 11b. 12681 Berlin or at your premises.

Download Programming of Radios & Radio cells (repeaters) als PDF