Tour Guide systems

Tour Guide systems - known as self-sufficient stand-alone systems or also as group guidance systems or tour guide systems - have been an integral part of our product range for over 15 years.


Whether it is the tour guide systems from Sennheiser, which are also simply called "headsets" due to their concise design, or the powerful flagship personal tour guide system "UNITE" from Beyerdynamic - you can always rent or buy the personal tour guide system from us that is optimally suited to your application.


In addition to the above-mentioned mobile use as a group tour guide system, we will also be happy to configure our tour guide system as a fully-fledged interpreting system with up to 16 simultaneous languages. For this purpose, we have a large number of stationary transmitters in our sales and rental park, which can be easily connected to the existing event or conference technology. The desired language is then transmitted to the audience per channel on the mobile headsets of the tour guide systems (e.g. channel 1 = German, channel 2 = English, etc.).

Our professional Tour Guide systems are absolute high-end technology and offer


  • Absolute reliability
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Wearing comfort that meets the highest standards
  • Maximum reception sensitivity
  • Intelligent battery management


We are radio technology professionals, we know what "best in class audio" means and we also offer this standard as part of our Tour Guide systems. We complement our equipment with:

  • our enterprise service
  • 24/7 support (via our normal telephone number, also on weekends and holidays)
  • a greatly extended warranty offer (for the purchase of personal tour guide systems)
  • our 12% lowest price guarantee
  • free delivery (and free pick-up when renting) of the tour guide systems


We will be happy to advise you free of charge and comprehensively on the choice of the right Tour Guide system. Call us free of charge at 00800/11884400 or write to us at Our team is looking forward to meeting you.

We carry Tour Guide systems from the leading manufacturers - always professional technology made in Germany:

Tour Guide systems

UNITE Tour Guide system (rental & sale)

With the innovative UNITE Tour Guide system from Beyerdynamic, we have a digital flagship communication system in the absolute high-end league. The numerous features of the UNITE tour guide system recommend this system for use with complex interpreting technology as well as for use with large groups, e.g. for factory tours.


For small to medium-sized projects we also offer the UNITE tour guide system's little sister, the Synexis group tour guide system - also from the German renowned manufacturer Beyerdynamic. Like the UNITE, you can also rent and buy the Synexis group tour guide system from us.


Digital tour guide system

With the UNITE system, voice transmission is digital and can be encrypted with 256 bit. In our opinion, the vocoder used converts speech more naturally than the products of other market competitors. Of course, this is also a matter of taste to some extent.


Full Duplex (speaking and listening simultaneously)

Beyerdynamics UNITE is one of the few Tour Guide systems​​​​​ to master full duplex communication for up to three simultaneous speakers. Full Duplex is a term from radio technology and describes the parallel simultaneous communication. In contrast to Half Duplex, here the transmitter and receiver can communicate simultaneously - as is the case with a telephone call. In our experience, this is very interesting for podium events as well as for factory tours with manageable groups, as it allows for an appropriate radio discipline. Of course we program the UNITE personal tour system individually optimized for your application. And here almost everything is possible.


All-rounder tour guide system

Numerous extensions allow this all-round system to be used for almost any purpose in the field of conference technology, in interpreting situations and, of course, for guiding people. Especially for fixed installations, the use of the "Unite Manager" software pays off, allowing the system to be evaluated.


Barrier-free Tour Guide system

Unite allows the fulfilment of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities §9 and offers the possibility of reporting for the blind as well as hearing assistance (e.g. for those who wear hearing aids).

Further information can also be found on the well-designed overview page of the manufacturer.


Synexis from Beyerdynamic

The tour guide system "Synexis" (from Beyerdynamic), which we prefer for sale and rental, is an analogue personal guide system with an excellent price-performance ratio. This tour guide system is used in almost all major museums and by many global players for factory tours and trade fairs.


The advantages of the Synexis tour guide system:


  • Warm and natural speech quality 

In comparison to digital systems, speech is not converted but transmitted directly.

A digital alienation does not take place.

  • Extremely high range

While digital transmission - due to the legally permissible maximum transmission strength of personnel guidance systems - causes the signal to suddenly break off, analogue systems cause it to slowly sneak out.

  • Maximum wearing comfort

Since the receiver is carried in a shirt or host's pocket (or on a belt), the listener only wears the very light headset (e.g. the Beyerdynamic DT2) on his head.

  • Simple operation

Switch on, channel selection, volume - the Beyerdynamic personal guidance system does without superfluous functionalities and has a very intuitive operation.

  • Extensive range of accessories

Stationary transmitters for conferences, induction loops for barrier-free use with hearing aid wearers, carrying slings, a variety of headsets (for rental and sale) and last but not least the practical and shapely charging, dispensing and transport case make this pedestrian guidance system our bestseller.

Tour Guide system from Sennheiser

The EZL systems from Sennheiser are the best-known digital personal guidance systems. The characteristic V-shaped design is achieved because the receiver is integrated in the headset. The headset itself is therefore heavier than the alternative from Beyerdynamic described above.


The digital signal transmission allows the filtering of extreme noise and offers a very precise, rather technical speech quality. Rubberized in-ear headphones ensure a secure fit on the head.


Of course we are happy to offer you the Sennheiser personal tour system for rent or sale. Please also refer to our white papers and decision-making aids on the subject of personal tour systems.

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