Battery & Charging Technology for Radios

High end batteries and their charging technology are an integral part of professional radio technology. Since the company was founded in 1999, at that time as a sole proprietorship & since 2011 as a limited liability company, we have therefore been intensively engaged in energy storage and also promote research in this area in cooperation with two universities.

The rental and sale of chargers and batteries for radios & barcode scanners is therefore also a central part of our business activities.


  • Motorola batteries & chargers for radios (DMR, TETRA) & handheld scanners
  • IMPRES™ Batteries & Charging Technology incl. Battery Shop Software for constant control and maintenance
  • Batteries for almost all Zebra products (barcode scanner)
  • Hytera Batteries & Chargers (DMR, TETRA)


Our deep technical know-how in this area puts us in the comfortable position of being able to test batteries thoroughly and maintain them as far as possible. For this purpose we maintain a CADEX battery test line with 100 parallel test slots. We test and monitor Motorola Impress batteries using a charging cluster and can test a maximum of 500 batteries simultaneously. Of course we also conduct on-site surveys for built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS), emergency power supply and built-in charging technology.


Regular audits of battery & charging technology are always useful if the technology supplied by this technology is critical for business or mission and continuous performance has a high priority.


Whether lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery or nickel-metal hydride battery, we look forward to your inquiry. The same applies to possible research cooperations or exchange of results and experience for lithium air batteries.


Batteries and chargers for radio equipment

IMPRES batteries, chargers & software

With the IMPRES series, Motorola offers a coordinated and highly innovative system of batteries and charging technology. The batteries and the chargers (available as 6-fold or "single" charging stations) communicate with each other. The IMPRES™ Battery Fleet Management Software adds a highly efficient evaluation tool to the combination of charging stations and batteries.


Battery maintenance including re-conditioning or an "End of Life" message when batteries approach the maximum number of charging cycles can be almost completely automated by using IMPRES™.


We also use Motorola's IMPRES™ for our Motorola radios in our rental park and can only recommend this technology from a user's point of view. IMPRES™ capable batteries can of course also be charged in third party charging stations, but then one loses the advantage of automatic monitoring of the battery status and that of reconditioning.


In our experience, the possible maximum service life of IMPRES™ batteries increases considerably when used in combination with IMPRES™ charging stations.



Chargers for Motorola batteries (radios)

The Motorola charging stations - IMPRES™ or not IMPRES™ - have one thing in common: they are robust. You can clearly see that Motorola comes from military radio technology and meets the corresponding standards for almost all radios.


The picture shows a sixfold charging station for the Motorola DP4000 series, e.g. Motorola DP4800e, the radios are set and charged individually or in groups into the charger. The LEDs at each charging bay show the current status from red (empty) to yellow to green (the battery is fully charged and can be removed). The charging stations are therefore very easy to operate and are suitable for all battery sizes for the corresponding radio.

If a very large battery (e.g. 2,800 mAh) needs to be charged, the insert in the charging slot can be simply turned by hand and then even the largest Motorola battery for the DP4000 series will fit in.

For our Motorola radios in our rental park we use exclusively Motorola charging technology. Absolutely "on the road" suitable, fast and battery-friendly charging and a fair price-performance ratio speak for themselves.

Batteries for Bardcode Scanner (Motorola & Zebra)
We carry all common batteries and charging systems for Motorola and Zebra barcode scanners.

Hytera batteries

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