Mission Statement Spreenauten

Mission Spreenauten


The mission of the Spreenauten is to pursue ideas, implement them and establish them in the long term.



Our course

We want to be a community for all who work with us, employees and business partners, where everyone feels treated fairly and is well looked after.

We want to create and establish technologies that simplify communication and automate unnecessary work.


We want to be a space where our colleagues can pursue their own ideas and establish them with us. This also includes possible failure.


We want to constantly grow and improve in what we do.


Our principles


All creatures are equal and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.
#Equal treatment #EqualPay #EnvironmentalProtection #AnimalLiberation



All human beings are born free to live and move freely
#NoBorder #NoNation #SeaRescue


All human beings have the right to a place of retreat and confidentiality.
#Privacy #DataProtection #Confidentiality


Fast change, fast innovation is always better than slow
#Disruption #Agile #FailButFailFast

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