DMR Radio Technology

DMR (Digital Managed Radios)   - also commonly known as digital radio - is the latest standard in radio technology. It refers to digital radios (e.g. the DP series from Motorola / Mototrbo) as well as the digital infrastructure (DMR radio cells). Due to the excellent price/performance ratio, the very fast development cycles and last but not least due to the wide range of applications already existing today, we believe that DMR will prevail over TETRA technology in the short term.

We rely on DMR technology for 90% of the supply of facilities such as logistics centres, factories and shopping malls. We use TETRA radio technology mainly in the area of radio networks for cities, public authorities and of course for companies that already have a TETRA infrastructure.

DMR Funktechnik also owes its rapid and comprehensive market penetration to its open software and applications concept. As an accredited Motorola Developer, Spreenauten GmbH is able to integrate digital radios (DMR) into your communication and system control concept quickly and within budget. For this purpose, we develop an individual application that connects to your plant control system via interface and, for example, places work orders with the maintenance technician who has the time or is in the direct vicinity. 


Device tracking, fleet management, VoIP connection, connection of the plant & machine control as well as integration into a site management concept are only some of our reference applications, which we have been allowed to develop for our partners in the last years.


DMR radio technology vs. TETRA 
Of course, we are also happy to support you in all aspects of Tetrafunk. However, we are of the opinion that the open and cost-saving concept offered by DMR radio technology in relation to digital radios and digital radio cells will become established in the short term - or is already the market leader in many sectors. We therefore recommend DMR radio technology in almost all areas. 

For a direct comparison, please refer to our white paper "Comparison DMR Radio Technology & Tetrafunk".


We offer DMR radio technology  in rental and sales always "all inclusive": Free shipping, 24/7 support, fast RMA process, Enterprise Service, greatly extended warranty and our 12% low price guarantee. As a partner of the two most renowned manufacturers Motorola and Hytera, we have direct insight into the current "State of Tech" and advise future-proof and with a 360° view.


Of course we also offer repair, service and maintenance of DMR radio (digital radios, digital radio cell, accessories) as well as the assessment of existing installations.

Our advice is professional, comprehensive and free of charge.

DMR (digital) radio technology

DMR radio technology - as diverse as its fields of application:


Motorola DP4600e - solid middle class DMR radio

The Motorola DP4600e is a full-fledged DMR radio - albeit with, unlike its big brother, the Motorola DP4800e, a limited keyboard. It is ideal for use in smaller teams or in teams where individual calls (direct calls) are the exception.

  • Awarded "best in class audio" voice quality including suppression of ambient noise
  • A very sensitive receiving sensitivity
  • Native integration in Motorola DMR cells (Capacity Plus & Linked Capacity Plus)
  • Digital signal transmission on maximum 1000 channels
  • Excellent usability including the intelligent battery technology, as well as the well-known, robust Motorola design make this DMR radio a bestseller - especially in the field of logistics.

A complete product description can be found in our Motorola DP4600e Whitepaper and on our shop website:

-> Rent the Motorola DP4600e on Funkgerä

Motorola DP4800e - the flagship from the Mototrbo series

The digital (DMR) radio is the latest flagship model of the Mototrbo series. The Mototrbo series covers the complete DMR range of the leading manufacturer Motorola. The DP4800e offers the following main features:

  • Awarded "best in class audio" voice quality
  • Maximum range 
  • Colour display
  • Complete keyboard - excellent for integration into VoIP systems
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Plug- & Play in Mototrbo DMR radio cells (e.g. Motorola SLR 5500)

For a complete product description, please refer to our Motorola DP4800e white paper and our shop website:

-> Rent the Motorola DP4600e on Funkgerä


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