Mobile Disinfection Chamber for Radios (Motorola, Hytera)

The cleanliness and hygiene of our products has always been our top priority. Radio equipment and accessories are manually disinfected by us and are subject to strict QA guidelines which we enforce in our processes.


How are radios disinfected in the rental (on site)?

This is often not possible, especially for larger customers, i.e. our business partners, where many radios are in use - but also in the hectic rush of the event area or even construction sites. The radios are either located at decentralised locations or cannot be found.

This is where our mobile UVC disinfection chamber for radios comes in. It forces the disinfection of the radios during the charging process - and all radios must be charged with a battery. We will present the Proof Of Concept - a kind of pre-prototype - on May 22nd, 2020. The further course of the project will be published in our News, our Newsletter and on this page in the Updates.


Disinfection of radios with UV light
The disinfection of the radios is done by means of hard UVC radiation. The UV lamps used are sized in such a way that even a very short irradiation time is sufficient (approx. 1 minute) to achieve the lethal dose for most viruses and bacteria.


Disinfection via UVC is not uncharted territory and is often used for drinking water or large air conditioning systems. Our approach is to make this technology mobile and modular. Based on our proof of concept, a series of mobile disinfection chambers, each with integrated charging technology, will be created which is suitable for rental but also for constant use by our customers.

The mobile disinfection chamber for Hytera and Motorola radios

The interior is designed to accommodate all standard Hytera and Motorola radios (DMR / TETRA), including their charging technology. The base on which the charging technology is located, which is completely reflective in the final version, can be pulled out. The 6-unit charger can therefore be loaded very easily . The door must be closed to trigger the UV radiation. A short video will soon be available on YouTube - we will post the link here.


Construction plans UV disinfection for radios
In general, we believe that hygiene is extremely important, especially in the area of radio equipment that is constantly being handled - and by different people.
Therefore we plan to provide the construction plans of the mobile disinfection chamber based on Creative Commons (CC). Market companions (and of course everyone who is interested) can receive these plans free of charge. We will make them available in our download area when the time comes.


Conceived and assembled in Berlin by Max
We would like to thank our friend and colleague Dipl. Ing. Max Weidling from LASA Berlin (Laser for Events) who designed and implemented the proof of concept.

Update: 26.05.2020 - Video of our Proof of Concept of the disinfection station for radios
This is not yet the final design but is used to define the technical characteristics of the prototype and the first small series. The final version will be smaller, transportbale and modular. It can therefore also be used in radio equipment rental and disinfect up to 60 radios at the same time.

Disinfection of radio equipment using UV radiation
Download Mobile Disinfection Chamber for Radios (Motorola, Hytera) als PDF