TETRA Radios & Radio Cells

Tetra radios and radio cells continue to play an important role at major events (such as the Olympic Games), in supplying large factory sites and in the mobile military sector.


Decisive factors here include the more ecological use of radio frequencies and the improved possibility of full duplex use. DMR radio technology, which is growing in fast development cycles, was established much later than the TETRA standard. While TETRA radio technology (TETRA stands for Terrestrial Trunked Radio) was developed & implemented as early as the 1980s, DMR (Digital Managed Radio) has only been in existence since 2005 (Tier I & II) and 2012 (Digital Trunked Radio - DMR III).


Of course, Spreenauten GmbH will support you competently with TETRA projects of any kind and size. Besides the sale of TETRA radios we also offer the rental of TETRA radio technology.


As a partner of the two leading TETRA brands Motorola and Hytera we naturally also cover the areas of repair, programming and maintenance of TETRA radios and radio cells.


TETRA radios & radio cells

TETRA radios

As with our TETRA radio cells, we rely entirely on the leading providers Motorola and Hytera. While Motorola's MTP series is based on rugged and highly functional TETRA radios, Hytera's Z1, PT, MT series is based on fast development made in Germany and a wide range of functions.


In terms of price, Hytera can often position itself better than Motorola. Which TETRA radios are best suited for your project is therefore mostly decided by details. Spreenauten GmbH can refer to extensive experience with TETRA radios of both brands - this we could gain not least in the rental business.


We would be pleased to advise you with our know-how, which we have gained since 1999. In addition to functionality, we are also happy to include a target budget. As with the conception and simulation of DMR projects, the same applies to the use of TETRA radio technology: Our consulting, conception and simulation services are free of charge as part of our proven TETRA Enterprise Service.

TETRA radios cells

Also for the TETRA cells we offer, we exclusively use high-end technology from Motorola and Hytera. Antenna technology from Procom and Kathrein, the development of applications to manage your TETRA infrastructure and last but not least our highly qualified technicians (maintenance & repair of TETRA radio technology) complete our offer.


Tetra radio cells from Motorola

With the MTS series, Motorola is setting standards; IP based TETRA infrastructure with flexible application possibilities. For example, the TETRA base station MTS4 offers easy integration of LTE
(broadband) - a feature that is becoming increasingly important as the network expands.
We would be happy to create a concept for your Motorola TETRA infrastructure free of charge and without obligation and to show you possibilities for optimisation or savings potential.


A good overview of the TETRA cells offered by Motorola and the Rock Solid TETRA infrastructure of the high-end brand can also be found on the Motorola Solutions website:


Tetra radio cells from Hytera

Like Motorola, Hytera also offers a comprehensive and multifunctional TETRA radio system with the ACCESSNET-T IP.

In our experience, the main advantages of Hytera TETRA radio cells are

  • the modular & scalable base station concept,
  • a decentralized switching without (!) dedicated switch, 
  • the well thought-out redundancy concept, which, among other things, relies on hot-swap technology, as we know it from IT administration
  • the sensationally low power consumption, 
  • the excellent documentation (also available in German),
  • an extensive and open application partner program,
  • and not least in our service & maintenance concept with individually configurable SLAs.

A further advantage has proven to be the fact that Hytera's worldwide TETRA hardware / software development centre is located in Bad Münder (Germany). For us, physical proximity always means direct participation in development.

Hytera also scores points with very fast development cycles, an excellent price/performance ratio and a highly flexible product philosophy.

The latter is also clearly visible on Hytera's TETRA product page:


Free and professional TETRA FUNK consultation with 360 degree view 

Competent & professional advice on Hytera TETRA cells, base stations and infrastructure is available free of charge and with a 360 degree view.

Our TETRA Support Team is available around the clock, 7 days a week. You can reach us under Freecall 00800., locally under +49.(0) and by e-mail to


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