One of our great strengths is that we can supply even the largest projects with professional radio technology on a temporary basis. Of course, this is especially true for the biggest events and events and here in particular for festivals.


Our rental park, which is now one of the largest in Europe, and our understanding of the requirements for radios and radio cells within a festival, enables us to supply large festivals quickly and safely with rental radios, repeaters and accessories.

Especially at festivals radios can show their great strength to the full: Absolute independence from other networks with multiple redundancy. When mobile phone networks are overloaded and the WiFi is dense - radio, professionally set up, always plays.


This is also the reason why a basic, autonomous radio communication network is required by law for security reasons at many events.

We are very pleased to be able to count the leading festivals throughout Europe among our partners. Beside the most famous festival of fusion and the Garbicz, numerous Rock'n Roll stars and many more are among the (summer) highlights that have been renting radios from us for many years.

Rent or buy radios for festivals? The Spreenauten are there for you!


  • Excellent understanding for festivals & events

Our management and many of our employees* originally come from the event technology sector. We know exactly that something has to play on stage exactly when it is needed. And that's how we build up our radio cells for festivals. Reliable, redundant & demand-oriented


  • Rent radios for festivals? Yes please - and always with service

Even event management and festival organisation are not foreign to us. We are happy to coordinate with other trades and relieve you of the burden of communication with the authorities (e.g. with the frequency application)


  • Radio technician on site

Of course, we deliver, set up and instruct you ourselves. If desired, we can also provide technical support before, during and after the event - so that everything comes back again.


  • Radio equipment for demonstration

Also on many demos, such as the glittering demo in Berlin but also many others our radios are seen. On request encrypted and hard to interfere. We also sponsor many events of this kind because we all want to live and work in a nice and open society.


  • Rent radios cheaply also for setup and dismantling

We are well aware that you need the radios during the construction and also for the dismantling - but your income will only flow with the visitors*. Our Rolltage model could be interesting for you - just ask Gregor.


P.S. the picture on the top right was taken at the fusion - we call it "Spreenautin with Kathrein antenna".

Radio equipment rental and purchase for festivals

Festival or a big event in planning? Gregor is the contact person for the rental of radio equipment, the installation of radio cells and of course for the radio technical support of events of any size.

Tel: +49.(0)
Freecall: 00800.

Of course, we are also happy to discuss communication concepts for events over a cup of coffee on site - by the way, the site visit is always free of charge - or with us:

Spreenauten GmbH
Meeraner Str. 11b

12681 Berlin

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