Raiffeisenbank Oberteuringen Meckenbeuren eG

Certainly unusual at this point, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our house bank, Raiffeisenbank Oberteuringen Meckenbeuren eG, and especially the board member Gerhard Janke and his whole team (!).


Without the support of Raiffeisenbank Oberteuringen neither our growth nor our investments in our numerous ideas & technical innovations would have been possible.


We are certainly not a classic medium-sized company, but a very dynamic and fast company. In terms of our philosophy and our positioning, we are certainly not the classic customer of a Raiffeisenbank in Baden.

Nevertheless, the Raiffeisenbank supports us in all our projects and stands by us as a sparring partner. Service, decisions and communication are much faster, much clearer and always more direct than we have experienced at other banks - especially at local banks in Berlin.


Also the IT understanding and support, especially when it comes to automation and digitalization, are unique.


Many thanks for this!


We would like to recommend Raiffeisenbank Oberteuringen Meckenbeuren eG to our business partners. 


Raiffeisenbank Oberteuringen-Meckenbeuren eG
Raiffeisenstr. 2
88094 Oberteuringen 

Tel.: 07546 9233 0


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