Spreenauten <3 Motorola

Motorola and the Spreenauten GmbH - a somewhat longer history, which does not always take place without friction. How does it happen when a group and world market leader meets a company that is absolutely customer-oriented, disruptive and has individual concepts as its flagship.


Nevertheless: We love Motorola. The company produces technology that works, is more robust than any other and with something... let's call it attention... individual solutions can be found again and again.


And then there are our great contacts* like Juliane Knauf and Dietmar Kloss. Without them we would often have been stuck on the spot - and we know that we often put a lot of energy into our projects.


Many thanks at this point for your understanding and support. We appreciate it very much and count you and of course the great brand Motorola, which you represent, among our friends.

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