With its "Motorola Solutions" division, Motorola is the undisputed world market leader in the field of "Mission Critical Communications". This includes DMR, TETRA, BOS. Founded in 1928, the company specialized early on in professional radio technology, initially for military & security forces, later also in professional mobile and operational radio.

Today Motorola radios are "the" technical standard and are used in industrial applications as well as in the public sector. Our business partners in the event and film industry also appreciate the analogue and digital radios of this renowned manufacturer, which are rightly considered rock solid.

Motorola focuses on continuous development, especially in the area of radio cells. TETRA cells and, since 2006, DMR radio cells can be found today in almost every factory site, in many airports, logistics facilities and industrial plants. 


In addition to the extremely robust technology, Motorola radios always score points with their excellent voice quality, which regularly scores as "best in class".


The only remaining co-supplier, the Chinese company Hytera, only plays on the same level as Motorola in the field of TETRA radio and was able to achieve a market share of 40%, not least due to the cheaper technology and the local advantage in Asia. In Europe as well as in the USA, Motorola is considered the market leader.


With its sub-brand MotoTRBO (stands for MotoTurbo), Motorola set technical standards in the DMR sector that are still valid today and have been continuously expanded ever since. Most recently, Motorola established WLAN and Bluetooth functionality with the enhanced series (MotoTRBO DP4400e, DP4600e, DP4800e ff.). 


The connection of digital radios in conjunction with DMR cells to VOIP telephone systems is also possible via a gateway.


In the BOS sector (fire brigade, military, police) Motorola is today the sole provider in Germany. And this with good reason, since almost all Motorola radios meet the current mobility standards.


The open Motorola Application Developer Program enables certified developers (including Spreenauten GmbH) to individually develop and implement extensive applications, e.g. for the connection to machine controls, work order management and allocation, fleet management, etc.


Spreenauten GmbH is your Motorola partner (status: Platinum):




Motorola Platinum Partner

As a Motorola Platinum Partner, we naturally have access to the complete radio technology division of Motorola. In addition to the sale of Motorola radios, we also offer the rental and repair of Motorola & Mototrbo radios, radio technology and accessories. We are also a Europe-wide RMA partner for our business partners.


Currently (2020) Spreenauten GmbH is the largest reseller of Motorola DMR radios in Germany - and is one of the leading Motorola resellers in Europe.

Our Motorola rental offer can also be found on our radio rental website - and there, among other things, directly on the overview page "Two way radios".


In our new radio shop you will find Motorola radios for rent and of course for sale. Of course we are also very happy about project inquiries. With us everything comes from one source: planning, implementation, maintenance.

Motorola Authorized Application Partner

As an accredited Motorola (Mototrbo) Application Partner, our Berlin team designs and develops individual applications for Motorola radios and radio cells according to your specifications - and gladly within a given budget. We are specialized in applications that can be integrated into a DMR environment. Example applications are e.g. fleet management for the administration & control of your radio fleet including GPS tracking, the connection to machine controls for the automatic assignment of work orders (these appear directly on the radio and can be processed by the nearest maintenance staff) or the simple connection of the radios to a VOIP telephone system. In general there are almost no limits to the possibilities and we are always happy to receive new challenging projects.

The Spreenauten GmbH - Your Motorola partner in Berlin & worldwide!

We have known Motorola Funktechnik from our own applications and our rental park since 1999. Since then we have been accompanying our business partners with professional advice, outstanding technical expertise and deep brand knowledge in radio technology projects of almost any size. Our clients therefore include the top 3 German car manufacturers, leading international e-commerce & logistics companies, well-known shopping malls (in Berlin and throughout Europe) and the public sector (including the German Federal Armed Forces, Berlin Senate, police).


Our Motorola team is looking forward to your project - our consulting is always state-of-the-art and with our 360 degree view which of course includes your budget.


Motorola radio technology is our top priority. Therefore your contact person for radio-technically demanding projects is our managing director Mr. Oliver Hertkorn.


You can reach Spreenauten GmbH - your Motorola partner in Berlin (and for all of Europe) as follows:

Spreenauten GmbH
Meeraner Str. 11b
12681 Berlin

Fon: +49.(0)
Freecall: 0800.
Freecall international: 00800.

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