Headsets & Loudspeaker Microphones

Headsets, loudspeaker microphones and supplementary, individually manufactured, hear-/speak sets are our speciality. In addition to the complete product range of Hytera and Motorola headsets and loudspeaker microphones, we also carry the products of all well-known third-party suppliers.

We cover special cases such as crane radio, loudspeaker microphones for use in the loudest environments etc. with our own development and manufacture prototypes or small series in our own production.


The basis for this, in addition to our many years of technical expertise and our own workshop, is an integrated enclosure construction in 3D printing, which can fully meet all requirements.


Loudspeaker microphones & headsets - our bestsellers


  • Stealth headsets (also security headsets)

The most popular headset variant. Here, speech is converted into positive or negative pressure and transmitted via a transparent air tube that ends in the proverbial "button in the ear". The push-to-talk button can be worn hidden in shirt sleeves or on the reverse of a jacket. We offer camouflage headsets for rent and for sale.


  • Loudspeaker microphones (also called razors)

Logisticians as well as emergency services such as police, fire brigade and rescue services like to use loudspeaker microphones. They are loud, robust and offer an optional emergency call button to alert other users of the radio cell to a potential emergency situation. You can rent and buy loudspeaker microphones for all Hytera and Motorola radios from us - and of course have them repaired.


  • Crane radio

A hearing/talking set for machine operators. We have developed our own version, which is extremely robust and, in addition to extra large Push To Talk footswitches, can also be heard very well in extreme environments. Speech transmission is triggered by foot pressure, the loudspeaker and microphone can be attached via magnet or clamp at the position that appears ideal to the machine operator. We mainly rent out crane radio, but also produce small series for professional use on request.

In addition to these headsets and loudspeaker microphones, there are numerous other variants such as helmet headset, headsets using inductive loops for use with hearing aids, helicopter headsets (Formula 1 customers appreciate this headset very much) and many more.

Rent and buy headsets

Spreenauten GmbH will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice on the subject of headsets and loudspeaker microphones. Of course, wearing comfort and intended use are always taken into account.


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We also have most of the headsets in stock - you are welcome to see and try them out at our premises. Please make an appointment in advance.


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