Logistics & E-Commerce

We are very pleased that our business partners include leading logistics companies and e-commerce providers. Both business segments are subject to constant and rapid change. This and the cooperation with highly innovative and globally oriented groups is extremely inspiring for us.


Our own logistics is implemented "in-house" and is therefore ideally suited for us as a laboratory which solutions are scalable and therefore suitable but also to recognize early on which challenges arise.


Especially in logistics, our Design Thinking approach is highly effective and allows us to quickly convert the learning we have developed on site with our partners into roll-out products and proactively initiate our own projects.


In addition to our core business, the construction of radio cells and the sale and rental of radio equipment, we also focus on barcode scanners and the IT-based optimization of processes. This refers to processes that we experience individually on site and that touch on our field of expertise. But of course also the optimization of communication technology - in our case, radio technology

Some examples of our radio technology solutions that we have already developed for our partners in logistics and e-commerce:


  • Fleet Management & Dispatcher Solutions

Large logistics fleets, delivery vehicles, fulfillment centers - in addition to the construction of radio cells (including simulation and individualized planning) - we have developed solutions that can be deeply integrated into existing processes and contribute significantly to optimization. To achieve this, we design hybrid radio environments which use the different standards such as DMR / TETRA / GSM (3G, 4G, LTE etc.) and especially in the future also 5G. Combined with IOT technologies, we create our own completely autonomous communication networks. High availability and data security can thus be fully implemented.


  • Connection of radios to telephone systems

The radio cells designed and implemented by us are based on radio technology of the leading manufacturer Motorola and the market companion Hytera. By connecting the radio cell to the existing VOIP telephone system, an additional DECT network is largely unnecessary. Thus savings can be achieved - and a device on the waistband is no longer necessary. Above all, accessibility is guaranteed even if the employee (w / d / m) is outside the DECT range. Because DMR or TETRA radios have a much higher range due to the lower frequency.


  • Display of the global employee availability

Particularly in global corporate structures with central control instances, the rapid availability of available employees on site is of the utmost importance. Especially in the security, IT and maintenance sectors. This can be achieved using personalized radio equipment. We have also developed general and very individual solutions for this. For details we are looking forward to your request.


  • Utilisation prognoses of radio cells

In peaks (e.g. Christmas, Cyber Monday, etc.) we support our partners logistics & e-commerce by renting radios - often in large quantities. Through the continuous evaluation of the radio cells and the resilient data obtained, peaks and increased demand can be predicted very well. We have already fully automated this evaluation in the "Logistics & E-Commerce" version of our Fleet Management Software.


  • Short SLAs (worldwide)

We work very closely with the existing IT system, especially in the area of logistics and especially in e-commerce. The agile IT way of thinking therefore permeates our entire company and we always see radio technology as production technology. Therefore we have built up a worldwide partner network over the years and can guarantee extremely short SLAs in almost every country. In addition to this, our radio systems are designed for stability and have multiple redundancy.


  • Development of Hard & Software for Logistics & E-Commerce

With the establishment of our own hardware development department we go one step further and develop individualized solutions for our customers. We will be happy to inform you about white papers & possible scenarios on request.

Radio technology at a fulfillment center (logistics / e-commerce)

We have set up a separate key account for our business partners in the logistics & e-commerce sectors. This way we can quickly implement learnings and our understanding of the local needs increases with every assignment there.


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