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The Spreenauten GmbH - noses in the wind and always full speed ahead. We are always there and 110 % at your side when it comes to professional and innovative solutions.  


We stay on the ball for you even after installation & handover and deliver proven radio technology with highly innovative concepts. With us, your radio communication is digital and synchronised with your fleet management / machine control / merchandise management application with maximum user-friendliness.


With our deep, native knowledge in the field of radio technology, we are one of the smartest application developers in this field. Agile project management and the philosophy of "minimal buyable products" are the basis of each of our application applications. This makes us fast, budget-oriented and unerring.


Concepts that think ahead and installations that are "rock solid" in the true sense of the word are part of our identity. We are also proud of our strong customer orientation, which can rightly be described as customer obsession.


Environmental protection, fair, social and solution-oriented behaviour towards business partners* and employees* are important to us. We regard these values as central elements of our corporate culture.


Behind the Curtain:
One of our senior application developers described us as an "eternal startup". Despite the fact that we were founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship and then changed our name to GmbH in 2011, he is not wrong.

The Radio Technology logo of Spreenauten GmbH

The Spreenauten GmbH - belong to our USP

The speed of a dolphin,

when it comes to recognizing new technical trends, taking them up and making them useful for our business partners*. This is also reflected in our extensive IT department, which now plays a major role in the Spreenauten's approach.

For us, "rethinking" disruption and technology is not just theory but daily practice. For our business partners* we are always at the forefront, often early adaptors, when it comes to the use of new technology and the use of synergies between our own range of products and existing systems.


Our own hard- and software development and our 360° think tank are always part of it and for us indispensable tools.

Our 360° view,

ok, the "360° view of an octopus" would slowly overdo the play on words with the Spree - there are mainly perch and pike (but many of them). After this little excursion into the botany around our Berlin headquarters back to the essentials - people & technology:


We always take a holistic view of communication, technology and above all radio technology, our home port. What advantages can be created for the user? What are the current and future needs? Where can synergies or savings or work simplifications be achieved? Where can individual solutions be found and implemented at short notice? Does it make sense only because it is technically feasible? 


We always look at the implementation of radio technology from all sides and check very carefully whether there are other possibilities which might be better or recommendable in this case. In 2018, we founded our IT spin-off Spreelabs in order to think through large projects stringently with tools such as "Design Thinking" and then to carry them through 100%. Here we not only develop solutions that greatly expand our or existing systems, but also rethink wireless technology.

High End Radio Technology

If you play with the big girls & boys & miscellaneous, you need the right toys - and as a Berlin company we know that: Never come to a shooting with a knife (ok, our neighborhood in Berlin is not that tough). Nevertheless: We exclusively use high-end technology, which we either develop & produce ourselves or purchase from first-class manufacturers such as Motorola, Hytera, Sennheiser, Zebra, Honeywell etc. This is the only way we can achieve redundant behaviour and enable uninterrupted communication.


Especially for the production of our own accessories, individually adapted to the respective application, we continuously invest in new technology. At present, 3D printing and the associated rapid production of prototypes as well as the strengthening of our development department (especially in the area of Research & Development) are our main focus. By the way, we are always happy to receive applications: please send an e-mail to: 

In addition to (technical) computer scientists, hardware developers and Python software developers, we also welcome talented young professionals with their own ideas!

An unbeatable price-performance ratio

We're not poor, but we're still damn sexy. So we offer an individual Enterprise Service Package: 10 years warranty? 1 hour SLA and that internationally? Worldwide free RMA? Overnight exchange? 12% low price guarantee? All this and much more is always possible with us.


We are also happy to sponsor no- or low-budget productions, especially in the fields of environmental protection, open society and technology (robot tournaments, university projects and the like).
We are always happy to receive inquiries and will support where we can.


Besides the pure sponsoring of equipment, we can also offer venture capital through our parent company, Spreengkraft GmbH, and of course project support through our IT & hardware development for interesting projects.

First we take Manhattan - then we take Berlin.

With the Spreenauten, it's the other way around but otherwise similar. Same same. We are internationally positioned and clearly represented on all the oceans of the world. Construction sites in the USA, football stadiums in Brazil, exhibition centres in Russia, industrial sites in Mexico and, of course, business partners* of all sizes and types regularly use our services worldwide.


Our highly functional and effective international network and our strong partnerships enable us to implement TETRA radio cells for airport projects in Thailand as well as to provide international film productions with the right radio equipment on location at every shooting location. The same applies, of course, to major international events, such as the Olympics or the Football World Cup with its numerous sideshows.


We are on site for you. 24/7 support. Short SLAs. Effective instruction - in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Love. But most of all, love.

We want our business partners* and the environment in which we operate to feel comfortable with us and with us. This applies to our customers and especially to our employees.


Of course, we have a very good understanding of the time pressure and the requirements that a large number of parallel projects entail. For this very reason, a positive and communicative cooperation is a priority for us in every respect.

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