Gepostet am 15.06.2020

DMR or TETRA - that is the question Hytera shows in the latest case study that DMR can now keep up with TETRA radio. The port of Abu Dhabi - "the" transshipment point for the transport of goods by ship - was completely equipped with DMR radios and DMR repeaters. The case study is also interesting because it shows ...

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As a Motorola Platinum Partner, we put out feelers just for the sake of self-preservation when it comes to news from Chicago, where the Motorola HQ worldwide is located.    Today, exciting news reaches us: Motorola Solutions takes over one of the leading manufacturers of End-to-End video security ...

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Master Max has once again lent a hand and added some new features to our UV disinfection box. We are slowly approaching the prototype stage.   As described in our Funktechnik News from 22.05.2020 and on our page UV Disinfection Box for radios, we are currently working on a system that forces the automatic ...

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