Antenna Rings for Radios

We start our new "Hardware`n`Stuff" category with our smallest (but oldest) family member - the last name here is clearly "Stuff") - our antenna rings.


Suitable for Motorola and Hytera radios

The antenna rings, which we offer suitable for the antennas of Hytera and Motorola radios, are a very practical tool for colour coding radios. This is often desired, for example, when radios are assigned to different departments - and have been programmed so that the different departments either receive different channels - or simply so that the radio of group 1 always starts on channel 1 and radio of group 2 always on channel 2.


Wide range of colours & individualisation of antenna rings possible

Since the choice of available colours, which e.g. Motorola itself offers, often did not meet the needs of our customers (and also the requirements of our rental park, e.g. when renting radios to festivals), we decided already some years ago to produce antenna rings ourselves. 


Therefore we now offer a large (and constantly expanding) number of colours and are happy to individualise them - in case you would like to find your logo / CI / CD colour on your radios in-house.


Silicone-free antenna rings for radios in the paint sector (paint shops & similar environments)

Since the antenna rings contain silicone, they are not suitable for use in the paint sector (e.g. in automobile production). If an application in such or similar environments is desired, we are happy to offer you a silicone-free version.


Non-slip & robust quality

The antenna rings have two internal "noses" which fit exactly into the recesses of the antennas on the radios (you may have asked yourself what they are actually useful for...). The quality is very robust and withstands multiple removal and installation without any problems - as the employees of our radio rental department will gladly confirm.


Free initial equipment with antenna rings

The initial fitting of antenna rings for radios purchased from us is always free of charge (which, by the way, also applies to programming and our own extended service and warranty package, depending on the option selected).

Of course, you can obtain the antenna rings for Motorola and Hytera radios directly from us and also without the purchase of radios.

As new colours are constantly being added, we will be happy to send you the current overview on request. Please contact our sales team for this:

Phone: +49.(0)
free call: 00800.http://tel:008001188440011.88.44.00

Antenna Ring for Motorola
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