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MotoTRBO - the facts

MotoTRBO is the sub-brand for Motorola's digital radios (and their accessories, such as headsets, repeaters, etc.) To our knowledge MotoTRBO stands for Mototurbo and why "the" renowned radio company did not stay with the Motorola brand in the digital fleet will forever remain a mystery to us.


So MotoTRBO is Motorola - wherever MotoTRBO is written on it, Motorola is in it. We point this out so explicitly because this leads to misunderstandings, especially with inexperienced users.


MotoTRBO is Motorola's brand under which digital DMR radios are sold and which is mainly aimed at industrial users. The reason for the latter is certainly that MotoTRBO radios are at home in DMR radio and therefore need "own" frequencies which are (can be) allocated by the network agency. The application is extensive and the frequencies are subject to a fee. Therefore, private users mainly buy so-called DPMR radios, which are operated with public frequencies, but these have lower performance characteristics and often a smaller range.


We cannot see this difference in our rentals, private users rent MotoTRBO radios from us as well as our customers from industry, logistics - and in the field of major events MotoTRBO radios are indispensable anyway.

MotoTRBO radios & technical details


The MotoTRBO technology is based on the EU 2-slot DMR standard and is therefore naturally compatible with it. The so-called Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is used to enable the transmission of two simultaneous users (or user groups) in parallel. This is extremely economical from a frequency management point of view and is only surpassed by TETRA radio.


The key feature here is that a single channel with a bandwidth of 12.5-kHz can handle two simultaneous and independent calls or simultaneous and independent voice and data transmissions, each with a bandwidth of 6.25-kHz.


On this basis MotoTRBO repeaters such as the SLR5000 can of course also be operated. Depending on the application and product, MotoTRBO radios can be backwards compatible with analogue Motorola radios (such as the CP series). This makes sense if you are actually satisfied with your fleet of radios and just want to upgrade.


Nevertheless the digital MotoTRBO radios have many interesting features. The excellent voice quality, which is regularly awarded "Best in Class", is only one of them.


MOTOTRBO - applied standards

ETSI TS 102 361-1 Air interface

ETSI TS 102 361-2 Voice and basic services and facilities

ETSI TS 102 361-3 Data protocol

ETSI TS 102 361-4 Trunking protocol

The most popular MotoTRBO radios in our radio shop and our rental place:



  • MotoTRBO DP4801e

In our opinion the absolute flagship among digital radios. Robust to the last, it is (in the ATEX version) even suitable for the hard use on drilling platforms and we regularly receive positive feedback on this. GPS and a complete keyboard is also integrated - the latter is a great pleasure for our software developers, as it allows for nice applications such as logging in via PIN and the meaningful confirmation of work orders.


  • MotoTRBO SL4000e

It could hardly be smarter - the SL4000e is already very close to the smartphone. It's small, inconspicuous and can be found especially in the event sector, in the security industry but also in the hotel industry (SPA area, table management etc.) - many of our customers come from these sectors.


  • MotoTRBO DP1400e

A budget giant - rock'n roll, construction site, film productions - wherever small to medium group sizes are involved, the DP1400e is the ideal radio and is similar to its predecessor the CP040 in many details. Like all DP Series radios, the MotoTBRO DP1400e is a hybrid radio, meaning it feels at home in analogue environments as well as in digital radio cells.

Further information (and certainly a bit more nicely prepared in terms of marketing) can also be found on the MotoTRBO subpage of Motorola's website:

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