Two-way Radios

Radio equipment and radio technology have been the main focus of Spreenauten GmbH since its foundation in 1999. Due to our business field of radio equipment rental and the associated extensive rental park, we are able to advise on the optimal selection of radio equipment from the user's point of view.


In addition to simple analogue radios and walkie-talkies, we specialise in digital radios including DMR radio technology, TETRA radios as well as BOS radios and can refer to over a decade of experience in "Mission Critical" radio communication.


In addition, we have significant references from industry (medium-sized companies and international corporations) as well as from public-sector clients who have been relying on our Hytera and Motorola radios for a long time.


Our most important concern is to advise our partners with the aim of selecting the best possible radio for the planned application. Advice regarding the decision "mobile phone vs. radio" also plays an increasingly important role. Currently, especially in the industrial sector and for the above-mentioned Mission Critical Communications, radios are preferable to mobile phones. Constant communication, freely selectable SLAs, and last but not least volume, easy battery replacement and digital encryption are just a few points to consider when selecting the right communication system.

Motorola and Hytera radios

We are happy to advise you on all aspects of radio equipment - our main areas of activity are as follows:

Rental of radio equipment

Business partners who rent radios from us benefit from always up-to-date radio technology, a high-end rental park, consulting from the user's perspective with a lot of experience in industry, film, event & security and our unbeatable enterprise services. The latter include free delivery and collection (via TNT or bicycle courier - always overnight), 24/7 support hotline via our toll-free service number 00800. and our excellent price-performance ratio. When renting radios, you can also choose from a wide range of accessories (headsets, DMR repeaters, antenna masts). All our radios are equipped with high performance Li-Ion batteries. Of course we provide the corresponding charging technology free of charge. It is also a matter of course for us that we only charge for the period of use when renting radios and radio technology. The delivery and rolling days of the radios are free of charge.


  • Free of charge delivery
  • 12% Low Price Guarantee
  • Overnight-Shipping
  • Professional and friendly advice on all aspects of radio equipment rental...

...and much more can be found on our rental website and in our  radio shop (rent & buy) .

Sale of radio equipment

We are accredited partners of the two high-end providers Motorola and Hytera - and in addition to the above-mentioned rental business, we specialize in consulting and sales regarding the radios of these brands.


You can also get a comprehensive overview in our Radio Shop at (-> - if you are looking for more exotic products, we would be very pleased to receive your inquiry, which we always see as a suggestion to extend our product range.

You can buy analog & digital radios from us with the following advantages:

  • Consulting from the user's point of view

We have well over 10,000 own radios in our rental park. This gives us a perfect insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a model. This is the only way we can advise you on the sale of radios in a target-, application- and budget-oriented way. 


  • Strongly extended warranty for radios & repeaters

In addition to the simple manufacturer warranty of 24 months, we offer, depending on the order, up to 60 months warranty & free service. During this period, repairs are carried out quickly and easily by our own workshop. Of course, all radios that you buy from us are also covered by a warranty (36, 48, 60 months).


  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Through direct purchasing and the purchase of large quantities of radios, it is possible for us to pass on the resulting conditions directly to our business partners. In addition, when purchasing radio equipment and radio technology from us, you always benefit from the current manufacturer promotions, which we inform you about in our current newsletter. These alone allow price reductions of up to 30%.


  • Simple & fair RMA

Return, exchange and exchange of radios are carried out in our company. This allows us to be accommodating, as we are not dependent on any distribution.


  • Fast delivery

Extensive own stockkeeping of radio equipment, radio technology, batteries & headsets as well as our own ultra-flexible inventory management system enable us to dispatch on the same day. As a carrier we have been relying on TNT express (overnight) for over 10 years. In Berlin we deliver purchased radios also on the same day via bicycle courier.


Programming of radios

The programming of radios for integration into an existing Tetra or DMR structure or the design of highly functional code plugs for digital radios is one of our core services. Of course, we also optimize existing configuration files and are able to intervene directly in the firmware of many radios.


As a Motorola Application Development Partner we also offer the design, development and implementation of applications for digital radios. Here we are specialized in the digital Motorola radios of the Mototrbo DP series.

Radio equipment - repair, maintenance & service
As a Hytera and Motorola partner, we have direct access to the extensive range of repairs offered by these manufacturers. In addition, we maintain our own radio engineering workshop including a state-of-the-art industrial measuring station. We always have the most common spare parts for the latest radios in stock. This enables us to repair your radios quickly and courteously. Our maintenance and service offer includes not only the prescribed electrotechnical test, the update of the firmware but also the measurement of the radio behaviour of a radio. Here the transmission power, the "scattering" in the frequency band as well as the reception sensitivity and the complete electrical engineering are tested. In this way, we ensure the optimal function of the radio and provide access to our extensive warranty services.

Motorola radios

Brand radios from Motorola or its sub-brand "MotorTRBO" are still "the" standard in the field of analogue and digital radio (DMR). 


Motorola radios stand for:


  • Robust quality & the almost proverbial longevity

In addition to the current DP and SL series products, even long expired radio series, such as the Motorola CP040 or even the Motorola GP300, are still in use - and are in constant demand in our radio rental department.


  • Outstanding voice quality

Especially the DP (Digital Portable) series from Motorola has been awarded the title "best in class audio" and rightly so. Crystal-clear voice quality and an intelligent noise filter ensure clear and very intelligible voice transmission even in noisy environments (such as construction sites or when using radios at festivals).


  • Very high range

Especially with the enhanced models introduced in 2016, such as the Motorola DP4400e, DP4600e and DP4800e, Motorola has once again raised the bar significantly in terms of reception sensitivity. We have compared the enhanced series with the normal DP series and come up to 15% longer range.

In general, it quickly becomes clear that Motorola radios come from the radio sector, have experience since 1928 and clearly know what "Mission Critical Communications" means. Last but not least, this is probably due to the extensive military experience that Motorola has with its radios (also with the German Federal Armed Forces and the police in Germany). Robust, functional, long range, long battery life - this is what Motorola radios are known for.

Hytera radios

In contrast to Motorola's robust standard, Hytera radios focus on rapid innovation and superior user-friendliness. Hytera radios can be easily recognized by the central antenna, a visual feature that could also be interpreted as a reference to the dominant Motorola brand. The innovations that Hytera offers its users are sometimes very interesting:

  • Single frequency repeater mode

Released in 2016, the PD985 flagship model has a very practical single frequency mode and can significantly increase the range of a frequency at the edge of a coverage area. This feature is especially valuable for mobile events (such as city marathons, demonstrations, Carnival of Cultures, CSDs etc.), i.e. whenever it is not possible to provide a stationary repeater.


  • Voice Recording

Again, the DMR high-end PD985 radio is ahead of its competitor, the Motorola DP4801e, and can record up to 570 hours of voice & data communication using a SIM card (manufacturer's specifications - we have recorded a maximum of 24 hours so far). This is always very practical when later on the correct handling of dangerous situations has to be proven.


  • Full duplex radio

Already much more widely used in Tetra radios, the Hytera PD985 radio also offers the possibility of full duplex calls (i.e. simultaneous speaking and listening) to other PD985s and, when connected to the telephone network via a radio cell, also to mobile and landline telephones.

In addition, Hytera radios often offer better value for money than those of the co-supplier - yet Hytera's digital radios tend to serve a small market segment in Europe. However, when it comes to TETRA radios, Hytera's 40% market share is almost equal to Motorola's.

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