Radio Technology Consulting

Radio technology consulting by experienced practitioners is the focus of every project. Therefore, especially in larger projects, this is always provided by our technical managers. Of course, we also offer a free site inspection and an associated radio spectrum analysis.


Together with you and your staff we determine your needs and discuss whether DMR or TETRA radio technology is suitable for your project or whether there are more practicable alternatives on the market (or whether we can design such alternatives for you).


Behind our consulting is the accumulated experience of over 30 years of radio technology and the 360° view that comes with it.


Frequency management, bandwidth analysis (if it is not exclusively about verbal communication but e.g. the control of machines such as self-propelled forklifts etc.), coverage simulation of your facility (indoor and outdoor) are only some of the tools we have created over time and which we use sensibly together with our business partners.

Spreenauten GmbH - we advise you on all aspects of radio technology


  • Free site visit

Only those who are on site are present. We wouldn't go quite that far - since a lot can be done remotely. Nevertheless, the detailed knowledge of the location before the project starts is an absolute must have for us. Therefore the site inspection of your object by one of our experienced technical managers is always free of charge - worldwide. 


  • Needs analysis

Within the scope of or after the site inspection we analyse your requirements. The focus is on what you want to achieve with the use of radio technology and how this goal can be achieved most ideally together. Radio technology, professionally constructed, is an excellent tool for many applications. As with any technology, there are always on the edge scenarios where the use of another technology is recommended. Of course, we will be happy to advise you in this case as well.


  • 360° radio technology consulting

Especially if they are already productive in the desired object (building, industrial complex, open space, etc.) - and possibly already have other transmitters in use - knowledge is therefore of crucial importance. Point-to-point connections, WiFi, personal guidance systems, BOS radio can be operated harmoniously if the architecture is intelligently chosen.


  • Clarification of the cost/benefit ratio

We are not a boutique but a solid medium-sized company that knows that every company must calculate realistically. We apply this standard without exception also to the projects we offer and we also make it clear when we think that the use of another technology would be advisable.


  • TETRA vs. DMR vs. PTT applications

Currently, radio technology projects are more or less based on TETRA radios or radio cells, DMR radio technology and so-called PTT applications based on Wifi or LTE. Spreenauten GmbH is the contact at your side for all three technologies. We can refer to hundreds of successfully realised projects in the field of company radio. We develop PTT applications for various platforms in-house and tailor them exactly to the needs of our business partners.


  • Saving costs through synergies

By connecting communication technology to existing systems, considerable savings can be realized in most cases. Within the framework of the machine control system, job tickets can be automatically "pushed" to the nearest maintenance personnel on your radio. The same applies to support tickets in data centres. We also have extensive experience in this area and work with the "Design Thinking" technique. This allows us to quickly develop and implement creative solutions.


  • Evaluation of existing radio systems

We would be pleased to test and document your existing radio systems (radio cells, radio devices, transmitters, receivers, antennas etc.). We apply best practice standards and always include electromagnetic compatibility. In general, the rule in radio technology is "as much (transmission power) as necessary, as little as possible". The determination and reproduction of coverage gaps (cold spots) is also part of our consulting services.

Spreenauten GmbH Technical Management

We are happy to advise you in all matters of communication technology, with a focus on the transmission of voice and data via radio technology.


You can reach us in emergencies around the clock and 7 days a week. For general consulting requests we are looking forward to your call Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 18:00.

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Freecall: 00800.

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