Automation Accounting

We develop a mobile application which automates essential core tasks of financial accounting in small and medium-sized companies. The application is based on our general approach of "Design Thinking" and thus solves already in the first version concrete problems which arise in financial accounting or which have arisen at Spreenauten GmbH itself and other companies with which we have a friendly relationship.


Unlike others, we do not try to attack the leading players on the financial accounting market such as DATEV or LEXWARE, but rather build on these very powerful engines. We do not believe that it is possible or necessary to achieve the functional depth of DATEV but that it is better to use it consistently.


Especially when a company is growing fast, the above mentioned functional depth becomes more and more important.


As soon as we make the first version available in Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store, we will inform you about it here, in our News and of course in our Newsletter.

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Preliminary enquiries are very welcome: Daniel, 

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