UV light disinfection hardware for radio equipment

Mobile UV disinfection for radios

Gepostet am 22/05/2020 16:59

We are very pleased to present today our Proof of Concept (a kind of pre-prototype) of our mobile UV disinfection chamber for radios.

Based on the idea that it is difficult to collect and disinfect all radios on site (e.g. at festivals or in large halls), we have designed a mobile disinfection station. This station charges the radios and forces the disinfection at the same time.

Disinfection is done by irradiation with UV light. This results in a dose on the surface that is lethal for most viruses (yes, even the corona virus).

The current design is not yet the final design, but a functional prototype. On this prototype we will then determine which additional technical features we would like to implement.

Further information can be found on the product website UV disinfection of radio equipment. Of course we are also happy to receive enquiries and support similar projects with the experience we have gained so far.

Download Mobile UV disinfection for radios als PDF