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Remaining stocks of Hytera DMR repeaters RD625 and RD965 and MD655

Gepostet am 05/05/2020 16:47

As Hytera informed us today, there are still remaining stocks of the popular DMR repeaters type RD625 and RD965. The same applies to the DMR radio MD655.
These products have already been discontinued by Hytera in 2019 - but not yet sold out completely.
If there is a demand for these products, our sales team ( is looking forward to your enquiry.


What Hytera says:
"Dear Sir or Madam,
Our comprehensive product portfolio is geared towards innovation and continuous development. Therefore, the products are subject to a natural product life cycle.

Last year we informed you about the discontinuation of some DMR repeaters, namely RD625 and RD965, as well as the DMR mobile radio MD655.

The good news today is that our production facility still has some remaining stocks of components for these products. Hytera can still produce a limited number of these discontinued products.

If you still have a need for these devices, please contact your sales contact as soon as possible.

Please note: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all variants will be available at the time of your order - first come, first served.

With kind regards,
Your Hytera team".

Download Remaining stocks of Hytera DMR repeaters RD625 and RD965 and MD655 als PDF