The mastermind behind all processes, expert in radio technology, frequency management and digital signal processing.

Radio technician Oliver Spreenauten GmbH
Managing Director
Sound engineer VDT

Nico is our controller and data protection officer. She ensures that Spreenauten GmbH remains on course & our data is protected from a business management perspective.

Nico Accounting Spreenauten GmbH
Data protection officer

Design Thinking & 360° technical understanding. Speciality: Trouble shooting & creative solutions (technology & processes).

Radio technician Daniel Spreenauten GmbH
IT Manager & Key Account
Client Evangelist

Difficult facilities are her speciality. In addition to construction planning, she is responsible for the entire project chain up to installation on site.

Andrea Construction Engineer & Technical Project Management Spreenauten
Construction Engineer
Head of Technical Projectmanagement

Customer service & special missions - Uwe is our man for the "front-end". Close to the customer & fast on board.

Uwe Project Manager for Renal & Sales
Rental & Sales
Project Manager

Anyone who has him on the phone will notice that the man has a clue. He rocks the scheduling in the office and makes sure that the right material is in the right place at the right time.

Radio technology dispatcher Gregor Spreenauten GmbH
Manager Rental & Sales

Barbara brings order to our creative chaos. Handles accounting, managed off label projects and is our equal opportunities officer.

Barbara is accountant of the Spreenauten GmbH
Project Manager & Accounting
Equal rights commissioner

Lukas assists the management and is responsible for project management of complex projects. We see him as COO.

Lukas COO and radio technician
Management assistance
... on the way to COO

From the Thames to the Spree! Andrés keeps an eye on processes and assists the management.

Andrés Assistance Management Spreenauten GmbH
Lion tamer
Assistant Daniel (CSO)

Alex is responsible for most of our Off Topic Apps. As lead developer he is the contact person for feature requests.

Lead Developer Spreenauten GmbH
Lead Developer (Senior)
Software & Mobile Apps

Security Consultant and Full Stack Developer. With Cezary we are clearly more secure...

Lead Developer Python Security Consultant Spreenauten GmbH
Lead Developer (Senior)
Security Consultant

Digital and simply ingenious! Leonid, our man for the technology behind our internally developed programmes.

Leonid Lead Developer Motorola Applications
Lead Developer (Senior)
Software Architect

With his experience as a planner for major projects, he leads the areas of object radio and statics.

Manfred - Dipl. Ing. & Surveyor Construction & Radio Engineering Spreenauten GmbH
Dipl. Ing. & sworn expert

Does not only keep the overview in the warehouse due to its size and takes care of the productive logistics.

Employee Eugen Spreenauten GmbH Warehouse logistics specialist
Warehouse logistics specialist
Instructor according to AEVO

Pack the packages and also other tasks of all kinds in the warehouse - with great skill and will.

Mayk Logistics  Radio engineering Spreenauten GmbH
Warehouse logistics specialist
Logistics Radio technology

Nicole makes things heal - and with us she prefers radios and their accessories. Background: Chemistry & electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineer

We got to know him in a television by the wayside. As Spreenaut of the first hour he repairs radio technology of every kind.

Elias contact person for radio repair
Radio technical workshop
Electric Nerd

Instructions, project logos, technical illustrations and idea scribbles - the sketch is the language of the engineer and in this case our illustrator Noel.

Noel - Technical illustration Spreenauten GmbH
Technical illustration
Design Thinking

Maintenance, patches, evaluation - Artyom is responsible for our DevOps.

Dev Ops Artyom Spreenauten GmbH
IT Operations

Much of what you can find on our websites comes from Bartek, our web, graphics and UI designer.

UI Designer Bartek
Web & UI-Designer
UX Enthusiast

Javascript and Python are his weapons. Konstantin supports us across projects as a full stack developer.

Mobile application Developer Spreenauten GmbH

Marvin installs and programs radio cells and is also our technical think tank when it comes to special missions.

Communication Technician
Nerd with special knowledge

Master of 3D visualisation, master of our 3D printer park and mainly to be found in technical project management.

3D & Autocad draughtsman Carlos at Spreenauten GmbH
Santana :)
Construction Engineer

Convenience & Chaos Management at its best!

Natalia BA Management and Finance/Stock & Convenience Spreenauten
BA Management and Finance
Stock & Convenience

Diego plans, controls and performs maintenance of technical projects including CAD work, his motto: Getting things working!

Diego Mechanical Engineer / Technical Project Manager
Mechanical Engineer
Technical Project Manager

Backend, backend, backend - Alexander tames the snake (python) and is our man for logic.

Backend Developer Spreenauten GmbH
Software Developer

Conception of radio cells, implementation on site and the development of innovative solutions - also in the field of EMC - are in Boyan's hands.

Boyan Dipl. Ing. for technical computer science and electrical engineering
Lead Engineer
Ing. f. technical informatics & electrical engineering

Daniel installs complex antenna systems for Spreenauten GmbH with great attention to detail and technical aesthetics. Keen on traveling as he is (thanks, Daniel! :), he can often be found on our international productions.

Daniel Electrician (focus: antenna) Spreenauten
Daniel S.
Scotty on installation :)
DMR & 4G Installer

So that our apps can continue to bite powerfully tomorrow, Davit develops holistic tests and keeps our test suite up to date.

QA Engineer and Test Developer Spreenauten GmbH
Test Developer
QA Engineer

Adoptiv Tiere

Nemi is a beautiful grey seal lady. She lives in the seal sanctuary Friedrichshkoog. The Spreenauten adopted her some years ago.

Grey seal Nemi - adopted by Spreenauten GmbH
Adoptive cone seal (f)

Like Nemi, Mareike lives a happy life - only as a seal - at the seal sanctuary in Friedrichskoog. Mareike was also adopted by us.

Mareike Seals adopted by Spreenauten GmbH
Adoptive seal (f)

Snorre is our first - and at the same time our youngest - adopted seal. He lives in the Seehundauffangstation Friedrichskoog and we have been supporting him with a sponsorship for several years.

Seal Snorre sponsorship by Spreenauten gmbH
Adoptive seal (m)

Jack is the newest member of the Spreenauten Family and currently lives in South America. Maintained by the NGO Sloth Conversation, adopted by us :)

Adoptive Sloth Jack
Adoptive sloth (m)