Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH - or simply Hytera for short - is the only remaining professional provider of DMR and TETRA radio technology in Germany besides Motorola.


Hytera itself was founded in China in 1993 and employs about 2500 people.
Similar to Motorola Solutions, the focus is on DMR, TETRA and BOS - with BOS being clearly ahead of Motorola. The same is true for DMR (digital radios) - at least as long as high-end solutions with a sophisticated technical infrastructure are concerned.


We are thinking here above all of the networking of different locations and digital trunked radio in connection with more than 6 simultaneously usable channels.


Hytera offers a very good standard solution with its DMR repeater RD985, but it does not come close to the expansion possibilities of Motorola in terms of software and hardware. But the RD985 is also in a much lower price segment.


Differently it looks already with the pure radios (analog like digital). Here Hytera shows user-oriented development with many interesting functionalities which are not available in Motorola's radios. For example, the Hytera P985 DMR flagship radio can be used as a single frequency repeater at the edge of an area to be covered. The same applies to the variety of models in the field of digital and analogue radios, here too Hytera scores points.


In TETRA radio, Hytera (approx. 40% market share) and Motorola (approx. 60% market share) play almost at eye level. Due to its headquarters in China, Hytera enjoys a home advantage in Asia, the same applies to Motorola in the USA. Europe is currently also dominated by Motorola.


An overview of Hytera's main business areas:


TETRA by Hytera

DMR & Digitale Hytera Funkgeräte

Spreenauten GmbH is your Hytera partner


As a professional Hytera partner, we are happy to support you in your project with a great deal of experience and our professional 360-degree view of radio technology. Besides selling and renting, we also offer repair and DMR handling of Hytera radios, repeaters and accessories. 


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