Gepostet am 26.02.2022


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CO2 Compensation Spreenauten

Gepostet am 15.12.2021

As part of the presentation of our sustainability report for the 2020 business year, we determined our CO2 emissions. We are very pleased that we were able to reduce our CO2 emissions again this year, despite massive growth. This time by more than15%.   We offset the remaining 50 tonnes, with a surcharge of 5 ...

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Diversity is one of the main principles of Spreenauten GmbH - besides our deep-rooted commitment to the LGBTQ movement and our commitment to the rescue of refugees at sea, we support all projects that have a colorful, free and anti-fascist society as their goal.   From now on we visualize this with our logo ...

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For some time now, there has been a lot of excitement on Meeraner Straße. There's a new employee and he's got a lot on his plate. He works around the clock, never takes a break and just wants to be fed with tasty data. All in all, he's a real model employee, but most people don't like his name. His name is I3 Mk3s, ...

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Become a Spreedi :)

Gepostet am 01.08.2020

The Spreenauten work in an equally exciting and inspiring industry and can now look back on over 20 years of business experience (founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship, since 2011 as Spreenauten GmbH). In addition to the rental and sale of Motorola radios and software development, we have been concentrating on the ...

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The Spreenauten say: THANK YOU!

Gepostet am 09.07.2020

... for an immensely strong first half of 2020! 57% growth in the first 6 months, and this despite Corona and the weaknesses in our rental business - this is definitely a reason to thank all our business partners and friends very much! The Spreenauten have always been active for a large number of small, ...

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As a Motorola Platinum Partner, we put out feelers just for the sake of self-preservation when it comes to news from Chicago, where the Motorola HQ worldwide is located.    Today, exciting news reaches us: Motorola Solutions takes over one of the leading manufacturers of End-to-End video security ...

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Master Max has once again lent a hand and added some new features to our UV disinfection box. We are slowly approaching the prototype stage.   As described in our Funktechnik News from 22.05.2020 and on our page UV Disinfection Box for radios, we are currently working on a system that forces the automatic ...

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Gepostet am 15.06.2020

DMR or TETRA - that is the question Hytera shows in the latest case study that DMR can now keep up with TETRA radio. The port of Abu Dhabi - "the" transshipment point for the transport of goods by ship - was completely equipped with DMR radios and DMR repeaters. The case study is also interesting because it shows ...

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Mobile UV disinfection for radios

Gepostet am 22.05.2020

We are very pleased to present today our Proof of Concept (a kind of pre-prototype) of our mobile UV disinfection chamber for radios. Based on the idea that it is difficult to collect and disinfect all radios on site (e.g. at festivals or in large halls), we have designed a mobile disinfection station. This station ...

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