Motorola SLR5500 Repeater

Motorola raises prices for SLR repeaters

Gepostet am 30/04/2020 16:42

According to the "Price Change Notification" from Motorola, the prices of the popular DMR Motorola repeaters will increase by approx. 1.5% (depending on the model of the repeater) as of 13.05.2020.

Affected are Motorola repeaters of the following types: SLR1000, SLR5500 and SLR8000.

We are well stocked and offer these repeaters until end of August 2020 at the current price.

Explicitly affected are the following Motorola repeaters:

MDR11JDGANQ1AN SLR 1000 136-174M 10W
MDR11SDGANQ1AN SLR 1000 400-527M 10W FIGO503B
MDR10JCGANQ1AN SLR 5500 136-174M 50W FA309B
MDR10KCGANQ1AN SLR 5500 300-360M 50W FA409B
MDR10PCGANQ1AN SLR 5500 350-400M 50W FA809B
MDR10QCGANQ1AN SLR 5500 400-470M 50W FA509B
MDR10TCGANQ1AN SLR 5500 450-527M 50W FA609B
SLR8000D100W136174 SLR 8000 BASE 136-174 MHZ 100W FAN306B
SLR8000E100W400470 SLR 8000 BASE 400-470 MHZ 100W FAN506B

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