New functions of the mobile UV disinfection box for radios

UV disinfection box with new features

Gepostet am 16/06/2020 17:20

Master Max has once again lent a hand and added some new features to our UV disinfection box. We are slowly approaching the prototype stage.


As described in our Funktechnik News from 22.05.2020 and on our page UV Disinfection Box for radios, we are currently working on a system that forces the automatic disinfection of radios during the charging process. We use UVC radiation as disinfectant.

New features of the UV disinfection box for radios:

  • Installation of an LCD display

This shows the current status of the device (disinfection timer, status of the lamps)

  • Installation of a Piezo loudspeaker 

If the door is open, a voice message is displayed, informing you that the door must be closed to disinfect the radios

  • Installation of an improved fan design

The waste heat, which is mainly generated during the charging process of the radios, is efficiently dissipated and is now no longer an issue

  • LED convenience features as status display

The colour of the light can now be used to quickly identify the current status of the disinfection box:
Green = idle mode (radios can be removed or placed inside)
Red = door open (disinfection is not possible in this state)
Blue = The radios are disinfected

  • Installation of a light barrier

This ensures that there is at least one radio in the box so that disinfection is not started unnecessarily in idle mode.


A new YouTube video with the new functions will follow shortly. We are of course very pleased about your interest. Contact person for the mobile UV disinfection solution for Hytera and Motorola radios is our colleague Uwe, e-mail: 

Download UV disinfection box with new features als PDF