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DMR or TETRA - that is the question
Hytera shows in the latest case study that DMR can now keep up with TETRA radio. The port of Abu Dhabi - "the" transshipment point for the transport of goods by ship - was completely equipped with DMR radios and DMR repeaters.

The case study is also interesting because it shows how important autonomous communication technology is, especially in highly automated environments and in logistics in general.

The Hytera flagship DMR radios MD785 and PD685 were used in Abu Dhabi, as was to be expected, and can be compared more closely with the Motorola DP4801e. In combination with a Hytera DS-6210 radio cell (digital trunked radio) an advanced Tier III solution was implemented.
This is logical, as DMR TIER 3 is the alternative to TETRA radio.

The trend away from TETRA to DMR has been noticeable for over a decade. In our opinion, DMR is the faster developing standard, while the existence of TETRA is often only due to the technology already available.

DMR is more cost-effective and is, in our opinion, also the open standard. Especially in IT this is often a decisive advantage over closed systems.

We generally recommend to weigh up exactly what is to be achieved in complex projects. Preferably with simple user stories, which we then summarise in a 360° scenario. On this basis, the question of DMR or TETRA can then be decided.
As a Hytera and Motorola partner, we will of course be happy to advise you and show you the various possibilities.

The Hytera case study can be found here:

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