Adoptive sloth Jack of Spreenauten GmbH

Welcome on board - Jack

Gepostet am 02/04/2020 15:57

We are very pleased to introduce the newest member of the Spreenauten crew today:
adoptive sloth Jack!


Jack is, as you can see, a very beautiful as well as greedy sloth and therefore (in terms of being beautiful and greedy) fits in well with us. With the opposing claw, the PTT button of a radio would be easy to press... but let's take this slowly, very slowly.


Unfortunately, sloths are more and more threatened in their natural habitat by the clearing of forests and the construction of roads. There are also only a few NGOs that take care of these friendly animals. One of them is the British SloCo (Sloth Conversation), through which we were also able to adopt Jack.


More about the rescue of the sloth can also be found at - and of course Jack is now also hanging around on the website of the Spreenauten team.

Download Welcome on board - Jack als PDF