New website of Spreenauten GmbH goes online

Our new website goes online!

Gepostet am 01/04/2020 13:14

Finally - after numerous night shifts of our web guru Cezary and a lot of discussions about which contents should be presented first, our new website at is launched today.


It will also replace our old website, which only gave a very poor overview of our services - especially regarding DMR and TETRA radio cells.


We have also tried to make the contents informative even for radio inexperienced users and to give a general overview of us and the business areas in which we are active (radio technology, IT etc.). The website is intended to provide information about the technologies and the main brands ( Motorola, Hytera, Sepura, Zebra) we work with. 

We are particularly pleased to be able to present a large part of our line up (i.e. our team). In our newsletter we will inform about news, updates (about our company, radio technology and IT) in the future. 


We are always happy to receive feedback, criticism and suggestions regarding our new website and our services.

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